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The Top-Life Coaching Program

Helping Frustrated Professionals Develop a Growth Mindset Fast to Build Confidence at work and Easily Achieve Financial Independence to Avoid Being Poor Again.

Top Life University

"Top Life University"

Welcome to Top Life University, the Top-Life Coaching Program for Self-Empowerment of Professionals

Do You Want to Be Empowered For Life?

Rev. Gillian Nicole Murray, Certified Life Coach Expert, founded The Top Life University with the goal of Helping Professionals Develop a Growth Mindset Fast to Build Confidence at work and Easily Achieve Financial Independence for Life Using the Top-Empowerment Method.

She is looking to create an example of what’s possible with Using the effective “TOP Empowerment Method.”

The University’s two programs, “Empowered for Life” and “Certified Life Coach Expert”, set the standard to make the life coaching process as easy as it should to help Professionals create the impossible in their own lives.

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Our 3-Step Method

At Top Life University we help Frustrated Professionals just like you Develop a Growth Mindset Fast to Build Confidence at work and Achieve Financial Independence in 3 Simple Steps Using the TOP Empowerment Method.

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Step 1: Transformation

Develop a Growth Mindset Fast for Unstoppable Achievement. 

Step 2: Onward

Set Ambitious Goals to Achieve Financial Independence.

Step 3: Progressiveness

Embrace Abundance and Thrive to Live the Life of your Dreams.

Free Course

3 Simple Steps to Empower Yourself and Achieve Financial Independence

In this course you will discover the 3-Steps any professional can use to Build Confidence at work and Achieve Financial Independence and never experience poverty again.

Download Our Free Guide

Read this guide and transform your life. Learn how to Develop a Growth Mindset, Build Confidence at work, and Achieve Financial Independence to never experience poverty again.

Top Life Cover

3 Proven Steps to Empower Yourself for Life

And Stop Being Broke!

“3 Proven Steps to Empower Yourself for Life” is not just a book; it’s a blueprint for transformation.

Whether you seek personal growth, career advancement, or enhanced relationships, this book empowers you to:

  1. Develop a Growth Mindset Fast,
  2. Build Confidence at work,
  3. and Easily Achieve Financial Independence to Live the Life of your Dreams Without Worrying about Retirement.

Embark on this life-changing journey today and unlock your limitless potential.

"Results speak louder than words"

"My life’s journey shows that transformation leads to empowerment – for life!"

Throughout my life I struggled with low confidence. I was always afraid to be seen, I believed I needed to stay in the background while others stepped forward. Then, one day I discovered the system on which TOP Life University’s Empowered for Life programs are founded and realised that I was filled with worth. I found within me a new light which now shines brightly and I will not dim it! I want everyone to know that Building Confidence really does lead to financial independence.

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Through the example of Rev. Dr, Edwards I have learned the importance of valuing people. Even the simple act of remembering their names and those of their family members shows genuine interest in their wellbeing.
Rev. Dr. Cuthbert Edwards
Methodist Minister

What People Are Saying

"Top Life helped me to gain the confidence I needed to break out of my shell and live the life I was meant to live. The Growth Mindset technique made me a people magnet."
Alicia J. Giles
Teaching Professional
“Become the professional you are meant to be. It worked for me; it will work for you. Join the Top Life University and Make this investment in yourself, you won't regret it!"
Rev. Frantz Pierre
Life Coach Expert
"Finding TOP Life University's Empowered for Life Program saved me from constantly selling myself short and from the cycle of limiting beliefs I was battling with."
Hailey L. Rush
Admin. Professional